Rediscovered: Turning Point/Wendezeit

Rediscovery: Provided there is time for some thoughts besides managing daily life #“The turning Point“ of #Fritjof Capra may be worth spending some time. He gives ideas about the past and the future od science and the way we should think about our world. The book has been published 30 years ago and the movie is available in English and German. He has contributed to develope and to push systemtheory like Mead, Bateson, Luhmann, Maturana or Senge just to name a few.  Disappointing is how our technology developed since the late 90´s and that the evolution of our patterns of thinking have not taken place in parallel. By the way, #Otto Schramer is working on this evolution today. I hope that we catch up, sometime.

Video at Youtube in English:

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